Drip More | Candy | Cookie | Milk | Tropic Kings
Drip More | Candy | Cookie | Milk | Tropic Kings
Drip More | Candy | Cookie | Milk | Tropic Kings

Drip More | Candy | Cookie | Milk | Tropic Kings

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Drip More is a high VG line from the USA: Candy King, Cookie King, and Milk King. Blended in 100mL chubby bottles - 70VG/30PG blend.

Candy King

  • Batch - Your favorite sweet and sour flavoured e-liquid.
  • Belts Strawberry - Delectable strawberry sour flavour!
  • Lemon Drops - Mouth-watering lemon!
  • Peachy Rings - An out of this world spot on peach flavour!
  • Pink Squares - Your favourite pink, chewy, square, tropical fruit lolly!
  • Swedish - An award winning Swedish berry flavoured!
  • Worms - Mixed fruit, sweet and tart flavour!

Candy King on Ice

  • Batch on Ice - Your favorite sweet and sour flavour with menthol!
  • Strawberry Belts on Ice - The perfect Strawberry Sour Belt that we all know with it's sweet and icy taste.
  • Swedish on Ice - An award winning Swedish berry flavour with a smooth menthol blend.

Cookie King

  • Choco Cream - Chocolate and vanilla.
  • DVNK - Graham and vanilla.
  • Lemon Wafer - A delectable lemon wafer.

Milk King

  • Cereal - An out of this world cereal infused milk that will throw you for a loop!
  • Chocolate - A delicious blend of chocolate and milk that will take your taste buds to the moon!
  • Honey - An udderly perfect blend of sweet honey with creamy milk!
  • Strawberry - Blast off with this tantalising blend of strawberries and milk!

Tropic King

  • Berry Breeze - Blackberry, blueberry, blackcurrant, raspberry.
  • Cucumber Cooler - Cucumber, watermelon, lime.
  • Grapefruit Gust - Grapefruit, guava, strawberry.
  • Lychee Luau - Pear, peach, lychee.
  • Mad Melon - Honeydew, watermelon, cantaloupe.
  • Maui Mango - Pineapple, orange, mango.

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