Vampire Vape Concentrates
Vampire Vape Concentrates

Vampire Vape Concentrates

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Get creative with your vape and mix your perfect flavour combination with these mouth-watering, awesome flavour concentrates from Vampire Vape!

  • 30mL of flavour concentrate
  • PG based flavour concentrates
  • Recommended 10-20% of concentrate per bottle
  • Must be diluted with vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol


Appleicious - Sweet and sour green apple.

Attraction - Red berries and fruit mixture with a menthol twist.

Banana - Classic banana.

Banoffee Pie - Creamy blend of banana and toffee.

Bat Juice - Fruity berries with a subtle aniseed twist.

Berries - Sweet and juicy summer berry mix.

Berry Menthol - Juicy mixed berries with crushed menthol crystals.

Black IceCool black jack and ice menthol mix with a big hit. (Best in a glass tank!)

Black Jack - A perfect sweet treat with a retro flavour.

Blackcurrant - Full juicy sweet blackcurrant chewies.

Blood Sukka - Cherries, berries, red fruits, sweet eucalyptus, aniseed, and menthol mixture.

Blueberry - Subtly fruity flavour on its own, or great mixed with a cool menthol.

Bubblegum - Fruity bubblegum.

Cherry Tree - Sweet and juicy wild cherry flavour picked from the tree.

Cool Blue Slush - Sweet blend of blueberry and raspberry with a refreshing and cool exhale.

Cool Red Lips - Sweet cherry mixed with cool menthol.

Cool Red Slush - Sweet blend of raspberry and strawberry with a refreshing and cool exhale.

Creme Anglaise - Sweet vanilla base that is great mixed with other flavours or simply on its own.

Dark Passenger - Liquorice, aniseed, blackcurrant. (Best in glass tanks!)

Dawn - Mixture of the darkest fruits of the forest with a refreshingly cook kick.

Dusk - Fruity pink raspberry lemonade fizz.

Energy - Strong energising flavour.

Fantasy - Forest fruits with an icy cold breeze.

Fat Gob - Gobstopper candy.

French Vanilla - Truly creamy flavour.

Grape - Purple juicy grapes, great for shisha lovers.

Heisenberg - A fruity undertone with a cool crystal after sensation.

Ice Menthol - Icy, cool, and fresh pinnacle.

Jam on Toast - Coffee and your jam on toast in the morning, minus the toaster!

Kings Fool - Gin & tonic base with a wicked lemon twist.

Koolada - Give your liquid a true frosty kick with a real fresh taste and frozen exhale.

New York Cheesecake - Traditional graham crust base and rich creamy filling.

Parma Violets - The vegemite of the retro sweets range and will be on you either love or hate!

Pear Drops - Sweet and tasty with a punch of pear (Best in a glass tank!)

Peppermint Rock - Blackpool beachside peppermint rock.

Pineapple - Fresh, tropical, and vibrant.

Pinkman - Mouth-watering fruit explosion.

Rainbow Skull - Taste the citrus rainbow and the deadly bite it gives you!

Raspberry - Sweet, crisp, fresh, tangy.

Red Lips - Sweet cherries with a hint of mixed berries.

Rhubarb & Custard - Creamy custard with a tang of rhubarb.

Root Beer - The all American sweet and creamy soda that is loved by all.

Sherbet Lemon - Tangy and fresh, just like the sweets.

Simply Chocolate - Chocolate.

Smooth Weston - Smooth tobacco for old school tobacco lovers.

Spearmint - Sweet chewing gum.

Strawberry - Sweet summery, classic strawberry.

Strawberry & Kiwi - Perfect blend of strawberries and kiwi.

Strawberry Milkshake - Sweet and creamy milky blend.

Sweet Lemons - Tangy fruit flavour.

Sweet Tobacco -  Classic light tobacco flavour with a hint of sweetness.

Tiger Ice - Ice mint blast with a creamy vanilla toffee.

Tropical Island - Tropical explosion of all the juiciest exotic fruits.

Vamp Toes - Mixed berries juice twist; vimto, fruity, delicious.

Virginia Tobacco - Smokey, raw American tobacco.

Watermelon - Light and juicy watermelon flavour.

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